'Savage Tron Love Wrongs' by Kiwi Space Patrol Crew

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Savage Tron Love Wrongs
Musical/Dance Movie
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This team had a lot of fun with their short - a sad tale of love among the bogans. The technical quality was OK, and they had some nice comedic touches, such as when they explain the outcome of the STD clinic visit.


With the dreaded musical genre this team choose to write a narrating ballad that told the whole story. Was amusing tale of love in the HamilTron with some good gags, I enjoyed the use of the fax machine. I had a little bit of trouble keeping up with the story being sung, but a solid effort none the less.


Some funny moments in this musical, but was a little scattered in places. The sock puppet orgie was a good idea but a lost opportunity in execution. Also enjoyed the bogan conga line.