'Nani Motten Da' by Knaw Films

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Nani Motten Da
Crime Movie
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A 'suspense' crime film, this had some nice visuals, but I could kind of see where the story was going fairly early on which detracted from the ending. It might have worked better with more of a twist at the end?


quirky film about lamp maker killing people to use there clothes on his lamps. Looked nice but felt like the team already decided that they were going to set there film at the boatshed studio with this actor and lamps and then tried to write a crime film around this.


I wanted to like this more. It looked great and the location was screaming One-room, but it was missing a big chunk of story. I liked the shots of the main character moving around the boat house, but given how light on story this was they seemed a little indulgent. The lamps looked fantastic and the final shot was cool.