'Dirty Laundry' by ICW Productions

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Dirty Laundry
Mystery Movie
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This was a lot of fun, with brightly coloured socks, a slightly OCD protagonist, a guy with a grudge, and some tiki touring around Wellington's landmarks. This was beautifully filmed and made me laugh a lot.


This was nicely shot and competently acted. I liked the opening team intro as well. Couldn't help but feel that the story was a little tame though. For me it didn't quite make sense that the guy who was bullied would go to such great lengths with the socks (was it him putting the plastic eyes on the socks? - I'd need to see it again to be clear) only to later whip out a set of padded nunchaku and administer a light, ineptly flailing punishment. Just felt a bit cute. But I did like sock man!


Best introduction and Film of Heat 6. Excelled on all levels from story, filming, editing, and music. Must say the quality of the filming was excellent. Possibly an HD camera or DSLR?

I have seen IWC films in the past and these have been very tight and showed again in this year’s entry. Very enjoyable to watch and had plenty of laughs.

That sock man was very scary!

Good luck for the rest of the comp!

Shotoption/Movie - pick of the heat!


Bobby Youngs socks start going missing, some photos of his socks around wellington arrive, then we find out some guy he bullied in school is responsible and the neighbour tells them to keep it down. Cool location, looked technically good, solid acting, but I think the story let it down and felt lacking in drama or laughs.


Theses guys always bring technical proficiency to the comp. Just not so sure about story. The idea was good, but played a little straight apart from the sock man which was great and gave a genuine fright.