'The Super Stopper' by Floor 10

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The Super Stopper
Superhero Movie
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decent take on superhero genre. definitely a few good lines ("shut up... shorty"). the plot kind of peaked with a bit of non-event though.

quite a nice silent-movie-esque original(i think?) piano soundtrack


anyone brave enough to wander down Aro st in a leotard and tights gets my vote!
Some weaker moments with the scripting, but as first timers, I thought they did well.
A team that with further experience could do well.

Loved the transition the heroine went through to metamorphasise; simple, yet effective.


At the beginning the film seemed to be very promising, I loved the idea of a stopper super hero, but the use of the elements was poor (prop and bobby) and the ending was weak


An good concept, but the way the plot developed just didn't do it justice.
Clearly a new team, and in the future they will be better, but right now the film just didn't build in pace, tension or comedy, so left the audience feeling flat.
Full credit to the super hero, Aro Valley in lycra!
I liked the camera movement during the time stop, showed some flair, but the rest was just ho hum.


Good work this team. If only the Matrix films had just got everyone to stand really still they could have saved a fortune in cameras.


Liked the idea, good effort all round, ending lacked punch & could have been shorter. Acting was not professional but good effort. For first timers the team looks like they have promise.


Liked the stopping bits - real good, good work


A cool superhero ability with a sucky side-effect - fun idea! I felt the 'save the day' ending was weak however.


Good work for the genre. Loved the stop anim intro, shows talent. Ultimately lagged, needed to be tighter, shorter. The idea was OK, just required better deployment of it.


Really like the actress and her tomboyish approach to the role – thought it was an hilarious idea having her walking around the streets in costume – favourite part was ‘shutup shorty’ but I lost interest after that