'The Last Roll' by Gorgeous Bloke Productions

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The Last Roll
Quest Movie
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A real shame this was DQ'd because it was a really impressive movie. Taking the quest genre in a new direction that I think everyone in the audience could relate to- on the loo, with the paper out of reach.

Some creative angles mixed with interesting interjections into the bathroom made for an entertaining film. One of the best endings of the night.

Some lovely costumes used.
I'm looking forward to seeing them next year, and hope they get it in on time!


really nice. creatively shot (a few nice "urgh" angles). lots of wicked little comedic touches (the dolphin). neat take on the genre and a great ending.


Excellent idea of a quest: the pursue of the last roll. Very funny and well done! Unfortunate that it got disqualified


A quest movie about something near and dear to everyone's heart. This paced itself well, didn't overdo the cringe humour, and had the audience onside with the story. Sad about the DQ.


A very slow start & went nowhere for sometime but once in the loo all was revealed. It was a choice concept for a story & was one of the few with a complete story. Some decent acting, looked like everyone was having a great time, only real criticism from me was it needed to be a bit snappier (maybe better editing) to keep my attention as I found it dragged on to be truly funny.


Could have been better, but good ideas & fun at times boring at others


On the way out of the theatre I heard members from the team pondering if the dolphin squeak was a good idea. I can tell you that it was.


I loved the beginning - instantly the audience was taken into a party scene with all the rubbish conversations and antics, then leading into the bathroom. Impressed with costuming.
A great finish to the film that left the audience laughing throughout. Nice work, definitely one of my favourites for the night.


A good laugh! Aurally and visually muddy at the start, but redeemed. A good take on the genre, but the toilet interruption idea was at least one scenario overworked so it dragged a bit. Very funny end idea. Nice work. I'd love to see these guys again next year.


Classic. loved the shots, funny freeze frame. great film