'No Time for Ice Cream' by Haba na haba hujaza kibaba

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No Time for Ice Cream
Revenge Movie
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Not a well made movie, this film had an interesting idea that just didn't last the distance. Some early laughs based around photos soon wore thin for me and just keep me interested.
I'd like to have seen the plot develop a little more, rather than just repeat the same joke.


good example of how some clever writing can thwart more technically-focused teams. some great lines and straight to the point with no dithering about bullying or wires. did drag the plot out slightly - but not really to the detriment to the pace of the film. kind of a non-sequiter ending - maybe that was the point though.


What a funny idea to get revenge from the guy that appears on all of your pictures, funny acting but some repetitive jokes, also the ending was weak.


Great over-the-top acting from the main character, though the premise did get a little repetitive. The final shot, that aimed to explain why all the weirdness was happening, didn't quite work as intended, leaving many in the audience wondering what exactly was going on in that photo and why it caused the previous strange events.


Strong central performance and good tempo. Story idea was great but execution of the final pay-off was a little bit rough. Yes it was repetitive, but as Harry Enfield would opine: surely a good gag never gets old?


Loved this film, the tall dude was brilliant, really liked the idea & story it was just let down by a confusing ending? Maybe I'm just dumb & didn't get it!


Didn't get it? Good everything else though


"you ruined my pictures, now I'm going to ruin your ability to live!"
'nuff said.


The photographer/investigator character was cast very well. Enjoyed the humour in finding the characters in exactly the same position as the photograph taken.
Didn't quite understand the ending photograph though.


An ego trip on the 30 sec intro made me instantly go looking for ways for this film to redeem itself. It did. The tall guy was excellent, though I fear without him this was nowhere. Some nice shots, and the creative idea held up almost to the end.