'Getting Bobby Back' by glu+good

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Getting Bobby Back
Body Switch Movie
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A very much average 48 Hour Film. Poor acting, mixed in with some clever edits, and plenty of drug jokes made for an okay film, but nothing that will bring Bobby Back...
However, the body switch genre was tough and they certainly nailed that aspect of the film.


body switch is a very difficult genre, using it not to live someone else's life was a good change but the story line was poor and the body switching became repetitive and predictable


Really just seemed like a bunch of stoners turned the camera on themselves & made a movie, very repetitive and weak story. I liked one of the actors who had a crazy vibe (spa pool man) but apart from that award winning crazy it was a bit of a jumbled mess. Looked like they had a great party though in the making!


This was the best, haha It was definitely the best party


Good concept for body-switching.


I loved the gritty nature of this movie and a great concept on body switching. Keep up the good work!


No real surprise and it killed my interest with its repetitiveness. We kinda got it pretty early on, could have done with a true shock somewhere, rather than continual shockfest. Some nice touches, like the outro.


hmm – really intense, not sure if ‘drug use’ was appropriate or needed to add to the story line. One or two good actors, great freeze frame


Nice, Campy Body Swap horror...


Best freeze frame of the heat, funny, Brit dude did some great acting as both the junkie coke head and the crazy woman after he was possessed. followed genre conventions and used the required elements effectively. loved the gritty look to the piece and to me atleast it was obvious that this was a 80's esque body swap slasher which hit the nail on the head... some of these reviewers clearly weren't feeling this one... but it stood out to me as original and clever.