'Bullydozer' by Hamsterdam Amnesty

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One-Room Movie
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A musical one-room was never going to be easy. But when you write and sing the entire thing from start to finish you deserve credit.
A shame this was DQ'd, because it had a lot going for it.
The audio was a little out of synch with the action, but the film was certainly watchable and the characters likeable. Good effort Hamsterdam


really admirable effort on two harder genres.

classic take on a musical... just as things were starting to drag something new musically would happen and make it work again. really liked the flight attendant cameo part.

technically - lip-syncing issues detracted a few times, but not to a huge degree. decent original soundtrack.


Definitely a team that likes a challenge, combining one-room with rom-com and musical. This was colourful and tuneful and a lot of fun. Sadly disqualified.


I'm impressed that this team chose musical as their one-room subgenre. They did well, and this is easily one of the best 48Hours musicals - good music, clear vocals and lyrics that advance the plot. Just a pity it was disqualified.


Shame this one was disqualified. A really good use of a tricky genre- and with tremendous song lyrics too. Laugh? I nearly shat. Looked nice too.


Really difficult genre - musical in one room. A shame this was disqualified as was very good under circumstances, just lacked a really strong story for me to make it from very good to great. Great actors & singer though & loved the off hand intro!


Liked the lady, looked good, confusing though


One of my favourites. It was sweet, and I enjoyed their rhymes. Nice entry! So sorry it was DQ'd also.


Good on you guys! Musical is a bitch. Started with some punch, though as time went on, delivery jarred with the opening treatment. Became a bit more comical than I sense you were trying to achieve, but I liked what you were trying to do.


Fantastic Musical that actually stayed in One-Room.
Bravo Performance and Cinematography that just brought me into complete collapse of joy.

I hope you compete again next year! :D


In this film, An agoraphobic woman with a passion for travel wishes to leave her home, but cant due to her illness. Her dilemma is confounded when the local airport wishes to extend the runway right over the top of her house.

One of the construction workers sent to flatten her house (Bobby young) has a change of heart and starts to like our main character. In walks an airline representative who offers up an airline ticket assist the woman who wishes now to leave with her new found love..

This film had me from the beginning, easily watchable characters, very good performances, nice quality shots and easy to listen tunes.

One of my fave films from the festival


Absolutely love it!!


* Viewed from the screening room

A woman has a desire to travel but unfortunately is agoraphobic! Making matters worse, a couple of demolition guys show up with bad news - her place is to be demolished for a new airport runway.

A One-Room + Musical was a brave choice! The singing from the female lead is convincing, and the overall look and sound of this film is pretty good. As mentioned in other reviews, the sync does go missing at times which is a shame. While the music is sustained throughout, I felt some of the songs were a little long (and similar sounding) so they tended to lose their punch. Some clever lyrics at times though and a sweet ending no doubt meant audience approval at the screening. Shame about the disqualification.


Really cool film. Beautifully shot and coloured, and some impressive theatrical singing. The last song really makes it, handle the coromandel. Pretty much a perfect one-room-musi-rom-com but for a couple of grating lyrics. Massaging detonator with bent wire!