'The Russian Man' by The Sarcastic 8's

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The Russian Man
Road Movie
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I really liked the acting, the camera quality and sound was good! Though I noticed the camera in the passenger side mirror.


Great logo! Really liked the performance of the driver. In fact all the performances were really good. My only complaint was the way the death scene was shot; too difficult to achieve with one long take unless you're actually going to stab him (not recommended) so the effect has to be created through a variety of shots, editing and sound. Otherwise, this was a solid little narrative. Great effort.


Fairly dull and over-the-top storyline, the acting was bearable until the end when the russian man is killed ridiculously by being jab in the shoulder with a thin wire, he also has his pants done up when he falls over, when he was supposedly going for a pee. A better way they could have executed this scene was either by using the wire to slit his throat from behind and/or have the russian man fall forwards. The two female actors could also simply have driven away and avoided the whole problem of whether the hitchhiker was a killer or not. The only real positive was the sound quality which was decent and the russian accent which was also decent.


Really funny accent made up for the continuity errors at times :) bummer about the coke ads in the background


really funny a bit inconsistent at times but oh well


Yeah this fell flat a bit. The guy with the russian accent was funny but the acting left a bit to be desired.


You have restored my love for Road Movies for it's complete funny outcomes to certain situations, and a killer hitch-hiker isn't new at all; but still as equally good. Originality to the Script could be useful in this case.

The Actors do their stuff with Professionalism and with style, I also love it how there is contrast towards the other characters as well; highly defining on what their personality type is. No Improvements here.

But One problem is that Car that you mistakenly shot and cheaply covered the license-plate with a white bar. That turned out to be one of my Media Studies Teacher's Friend's Car. So be careful about the environment you shoot on.

But other than that, a fantastic attempt :)


A pretty good attempt at the genre. Watch out for inconsistencies from both visual and sound angles, e.g. the sped up car with the 50km road sign in shot, the sound of the truck pulling away (or to) from the dairy but it was still there later (and at start of sequence), the long conversation after passing the hitch-hiker on whether to stop or not then you did stop and he was right behind the car! (He must be able to run fast). Did enjoy his Russian accent though.

You could have cut out the car with the semi-blurred number plate as you didn't really need to have that pan shot. And I'm not convinced that little bit of wire would have killed him when just driving away would have been most peoples first response - you better keep an eye on that blond girl for future murderistic tendancies!

It was watchable though and a whole that better than half of the ones before it.


I enjoyed the storyline alot! Great use of camera shots. The russian guys death? was a little over the top though as he was only stabbed with a tiny piece of wire. but it was still great!


This was hilarious in parts, just a shame that it wasn't meant to be. The crew needs some work on their technical skills. The murder was so bad it was the funniest part of the film :)