'The Box of Doom' by Los Nachos of DOOM

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The Box of Doom
Mystery Movie
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The ending was hilarious! I could really capture the essence of Mystery.


Cool action scene at the start. The box was a good way to tackle this genre but maybe didn't have the satisfying payoff that makes for a really great mystery. Still, the twist got some good laughs. Pretty good performances from the lead and his girlfriend. Good one guys.


really cool running shots at the start :) bummer about the adidas symbol on the main characters shirt


the intimidating ninja hoodie guys were really the only good point for me. Sorry i just didn't really get anything out of this at all.


This film was so good at the start, but failed to meet the standards of the rules when the camera was completely bombarded with an Adidas Logo on the main characters T-Shirt.

Cinematography needs further development and I believe that if you get that and the Costume Dept. back to work, then I'm absolutely positive that you can make a fantastic film next year. :)


Yeah, I got stuck on the Adidas logo too - front and back of tee-shirt. Then I started looking for logos elsewhere (pants, shoes, KMart Racing car poster) and had to try hard not to keep doing the same in the following movies.

The lead acting was good, councillor was a bit creepy (did I see a shot with the hoodie from back view then tee shirt from the front?). Finishing on the sponsors product should get you a few points though, just a shame about all the other non-authorised products.


To be honest I thought this film was decent with a nice twist at the end, some good product placement for sure. The acting definitely helped this film along in parts. The technical aspects could have been a bit better and one or two shots could definitely been left out, however a good effort.


This was an amusing film. Ignoring the logo, I thought it was technically very good, apart from one poorly shot and unnecessary shot as the protagonist exits the building. The ending was great.