'Stains of Grey' by Queen Margaret College

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Stains of Grey
One-Room/Crime Movie
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You really pulled off one room and a crime story.


Tricky genre and I think you did a pretty good job with the flashbacks and the twist at the end. The flashbacks had some cool shots; maybe you could have spiced up the police procedural bits in a similar way with different camera angles and lighting. Cool wee film overall. I liked it.


good story i was distracted by the coloured line in the background across the black material. could have had more blood, nice twist at the end


A great attempt at a recently added genre, but there were a couple of problems I had with the film in terms of direction and understanding.

First off, the Story in itself doesn't explain clearly enough on what was going on in the film, throughout the presentation I had questions about where the story was heading and what the characters were saying. In this case, I highly recommend that next time you clearly establish a story that isn't complicated (so basic), also manipulate the Camera and Sound to tell your story.

Secondly, Cinematography and Sound needed to be improved by a margin that you need to make videos that fit to the Aspect Ratio (16:9) and not (4:3), this is in the rules and should never be just read once, but twice. Sound needed to be more non-diegetic (voice-overs) because voices from just a camera's internal microphone is a big no-no in the Film Industry. :)


You had a good go at the genre. Seemed short in length so you could have done a bit more to fill out the story line with that spare time. Looks like you had a pretty big team involved and you must have been a bit bummed to be confined to just one room. But it had potential.

Study up and practise some of the important technical stuff like aspect and sound and watch for inconsistencies (if you needed dental records to identify the body and the room was a mess, then how come only one chair was knocked over and there was only one small splodge of tomato sauce on the wall?).

I was looking for more college girls on screen. Wait, that doesn't sound right! What I mean is ... back yourself to write, film, AND act. Put the adults in the walk-on bit parts since it's your movie and your moment of fame on the big screen. See you back next year.


Decent film, tough genre (since it is not really a genre, rather a setting restriction) was a nice idea and a good twist (despite being somewhat predictable). Seemed to be a little too short though and more blood on the wall would have been cool. Good effort though guys.


Will need some work on your technical skills before next year. Look forward to the improvement.