'Funeral Plans' by Tawawon

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Funeral Plans
Body Switch Movie
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Very creative!! Pulled off the genre very well! P.s Coffins aren't that light to carry are they???


Unusual take on this genre. Liked the performance of the mother character. Where did you get a coffin?? Could have done with less dialogue and greater variety of shots to tell the story. Good effort.


A tough genre to be sure, however the plot was a bit ridiculous in places and there were serveral errors. For example when the dead body is sitting in the funeral service alongside the two main actors, their conversation is clearly audible to the person seated behind who would naturally show more shock to hearing that a dead man is sitting in front of them. Secondly the dead seated man blinks when he is propped back up again. Also the main actor (the short person) continuously looks at the camera which begins to get irritating. Finally a teenage girl was used to play the mother which was only apparent upon seeing the all too welcome credits. A nice attempt though at a tough genre.


I thought it was brilliant, you know. Just, just a top effort, you know. Teen mum having a 12 year old, you know, just jenius. Great director. Quite comical. Good take on the genre - not cliche. :P Llama's rule.


thought i was good however a bit unconvincing


Acting could have been improved by a marginal amount and storyline was given a 1/2 for originality; but I will have to say, the equipment used was very high quality. Humor is fantastic.


You certainly had a good looking camera. Can I borrow it for next year?

Good effort for such a young looking bunch, that must be one of the youngest/smallest pastors in history. Some of the acting was a bit over the top, but if that was what you were going for then you nailed it (which is what someone should have done to the coffin lid!).
Aim to step it up a notch when you return for next years attempt and you'll be making good progress with your film skills.


I know its a school heat and I dont want to be mean, but I just did not enjoy this film at all. Looked like the actors were having fun, but staying in character would help, and less camera glances. Good idea, poor execution. But the team looks young, I'm sure they will be really good in a few years.