'Be One' by Enemies of the World inc

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Be One
Fad Movie
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Enjoyed the performances. Thought the adherence to genre was a wee bit unclear. Overall though, I liked this. Set a good standard as the 1st film of the heat


Overall an uninteresting storyline, and predictable use of the included elements, except for the bent wire which had no meaning whatsoever and was a token inclusion. Early scene in classroom was far too long and fairly boring. Even managed to get a reflection of the camera in one of the characters sunglasses.


It was funny but lame. Good acting and use of "awkward" but could of been expanded a bit more. Funny though. :)


The film went pretty quick, it was missing a few elements that I hoped would be included in it though the corniness was quite funny. I loved the awkwardness of one of the teams. I liked the idea that Bobbie was becoming an ex-bully and not following the groups. Though ironically her Lame Hat became a new Fad. The quality of camera and sound was generally quite good.


I liked this film the quality and sound were good. It was lame but in a good way and i dont think the use of the wire was token because it was token in all obviously as it had to be used. Good job Enemies of the World inc very well done. also i wouldnt worry about the reflection in the sunglasses it could happen to anyone no sweat. xP


With this one it was hard to get if the acting was purposefully awkward or just bad. The teacher's part was easily the highlight. The humour was rather stilted and contrived and when judged against some of the others in the heat comes up short.


This film had the best use of the "Lame" Factor, in the way that it was just so Epic!
The Sound were the best out of all the other films, so was the storyline (very original...)

All in all, very epic movie!!


It started out looking like the Fad was going to be kids posting their camera videos of school yard fights, but then it morphed into this awkward turtle / awkward giraffe / awkward balloon / awkward ... anything (even wire)! thing. Have to admit that I had to get my teenager to explain this to me and I'm assured that all the kids will get it as it's a current school yard thing. So if "being awkward" was the goal, then you managed to portray that well with your main characters.

Some of the camera work was great. Loved the little red mini shot and the reference to Good Bye Pork Pie by the teacher - not trying to win the Road Trip prize by any chance were you? And what is the four letter word for zebra by the way?

Story could have done with a bit more in it in terms of establishing what the two groups were about, but I liked the underlying message of making your own choices and the "Be One/B1" linkage to the classroom door. Nice flashback and voice over use. FXs and music also seemed to fit OK.

I thought the editing was probably the highlight. It looked pretty smooth in terms of transitions and jumping between speaking characters, except for that one small blurry bit in the classroom pan. And no, I didn't see a camera reflection in anyones glasses. Agree with Mark M - it was a good starter for the heat and I'm sure you'll be back next year having learnt from this years experience.


Decent effort, but like people above, I thought the film struggled to show the it's genre. Still, gave me a few laughs.