'Scienc' by disordinary

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Musical/Dance Movie
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Fairly ridiculous music, but the whole film was fairly ridiculous. A scientist is annoyed that his friends don't like him when he is smart and charming, and so he sets out to show them with science by disintegrating all of them with a ray.

The audience gave this a good response, and I liked the visual effects but me not being a fan of the music meant I thought it was average overall.


the ray guns were cool


There were definitely some effective moments in this, but I found the backgrounds too busy and unusual that I was distracted by them. The shed shots were very tight but I did like some of the acting. Plot wise didn't work, but the energy and enthusiasm sort of did with some of the imagery.


The music sucked. The acting sucked. 1 star? why? No reason.


I'm afraid that the music and singing let this film down. Some reasonable acting coupled with some good special effects led to some funny moments, but I couldn't help but cringe and hide at the songs.

Sorry guys, I didn't feel it.