'Plover' by Cinetrance

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Crime Movie
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A couple of crooks have a briefcase full of loot in a warehouse, and discuss how to divy out the cash between themselves. Only snag however, is when one of the crook's former tormenters Bobby enters upon the warehouse which he in fact owns.

This film had some fantastic dramatic intensity, and was nicely shot. Shame it was disqualified.


I really feel this film had the potential to be one of the more memorable 48hr entries, but it seemed to lack the heart to bring it all the way home. Although some moments were truely inspired, the lead actors were truelly courageous, I felt they commited completely to their role as thugs, but they were thugs without heart and it was hard to relate to. I was indifferent to the casting of Bobby Jones and his wife? I felt they never quite managed to reach the bar set by the two 'thugs'!

Way to Go!!!



I think the 'crook in the warehouse with the briefcase full of money' scenario may be getting a little old.. For a crime flick it was pretty slow, but there was afew nice shots in there. 4.10


Very good but it was missing something, its hard to jump into a dramatic piece in the 48 hours and if you do you better handle it really well. It felt like it limped its way through the motions which was a shame because the acting and production values were top notch. Definitely a contender for top film in the heat though.


great filming (well better than ours) good story, looked like it finished a bit too soon


Nice Production values but there was something missing.


I liked this. It was a nice slice of life piece I thought, and I liked the actors, the scenes and the camerawork. I found it all largely believable although I didn't fully understand everything that went on, it wasn't strictly necessary either. Nice work.


More glossy crap with nothing to say. Easy to forget.


Perhaps the story line here could have been revamped a little, but it looked pretty good, and was an entertaining flick. It was let down rather heavily by some sound issues (Not to mention that it was disqualified.) However, the acting was top notch, well done guys. Better luck next year. :)