'Digital Flick' by EDS Dragon Boat Team

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Digital Flick
Revenge Movie
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Our lead's mum (played with hilarity by a guy) stays with him for a few days, becoming a total nuisance by relying on her son for everything; from food to the toilet.

Eventually she even rings him at work. After talking to a colleague who was formerly a bully, our lead has had enough and plots his revenge. However there are potentially obstacles to the planned revenge for once.

This was pretty over the top, verging on silly but it still made me genuinely chuckle.


I don't know, I'm not a fan of the guy in drag 48hours staple. It's been done before and has been old since the pythons. Saying that this film had some good production values and the two leads played their roles well - the rest of the cast were obviously not comfortable in front of the camera but got the point across.

Played for the lowest common denominator and for the most part hit their mark.


Maybe not entirely original and certainly Pythonesque leading lady, but quite nicely paced. Not the best editing and lighting, some grossness and mocking, but not a lot of disgusting fart noises either. Quite liked the general understated feel of the scenes, although a "fright" with a peanut didn't ring true, could have been much worse. Loved the ending though, mainly the music and a good effort for what I understand is a new team.


The son-in-law was getting revenge on his mother-in-law for making him do things and embarrassing him. He oversteps the line, and she decides to get revenge on him. Good scene with the advancing stroller.

Well done if it was your first time. I'm sorry, I didn't find it funny - but that's just me - and I didn't understand why you had a guy in a dress (was it due to lack of actresses?).


Amusing in a rather rompish way. I didn't like the Monty Python plagiarism at all, and found it rather cheap to have stolen some of their gags (Specifically the man as a woman in that sort of style...). However, there is only so much you can do in 48 hours, and I thought EDS did a rather good job with what they had.

Acting: 7/10
Technical: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Story: 5/10

Total: 7/10