'Different Strokes for Different Folks' by Dee Mick See

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Different Strokes for Different Folks
Quest Movie
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Nice animated work by a one-man team, as they contemplated the quests we all go on personally.


I was really taken by Heat 3's Dark horse, there was something about it, it had feeling, feeling and a fantastic soundscape, Great Work Dir:Daniel McClellan!

Although there may not have been as much 'gloss' as other films, But it stood out and worked to set itself apart from the typical 48hours formula, the narration was spoken with skill,
the mood was ever changing, a pure delight, very interested to see more from this director!!!

A Total Trip!!!


Does anyone know of any other 'DMC' films???


Some very original ideas. I really liked this film. Great Soundtrack 8.10


I thought the whole thing was a little pretentious, and was mainly about a dude celebrating himself. Plenty of people do films as a one man band especially in the animation category - including the overall winner a couple of years back. So the guy should get over himself a little, the self satisfying intro and outro could have gone, the rest of the film was pretty good and had a nice flow to it.


This film was neither pretentious, nor self satisfying, simply put, it was a very personal and intimate artistic statement made by it's skilled director. Not only was it refreshing, it made a strong break away from the usual 'joke film' formula of most fims in its heat. The director showed he was capable of commanding the audiences attention throughout the entire duration of the film. This is a clear sign that the 48hrs is moving in a more artistic direction and It's about time. By far the best film of the night. 10 STARS!!!


I quite liked the imagery that was presented but I found the talking kind of preachy nonsense. Wordy stuff that didn't really say much. There were very clever passages, but then tiredness and overwork may have twisted the "plot" out of shape here and there. Nice idea though, but it needed to flow a little better.


One of the top 3 films of the night, sweet visuals and soundtrack.


A really good movie. I especially liked the team intro and the outro. And the character running over mountains. Awesome, two thumbs up.


Best film of the heat??? wtf??? top 3??? Are you people fucking insance??? God, what


Actually this film was pretty fucking sweet. The voice over was a bit wanky, but it worked! Good shit man!