'Black Death' by Dog Films

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Black Death
Superhero Movie
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Black Death has been killing people throughout the City. Bobby Young tries to train 3 young women as superheroes, but that gets curtailed when she gets kidnapped. It's up to the girls to try and rescue her, by making their way to the villain's lair.

Cool costumes and a polished film, but the story was well worn and I was a bit puzzled by the fake accents.


As always a highly slick and polished film from Dog, a little down on their normal quality but one of the best in a very competitive heat.

I thought that it was slightly confused and didn't explore itself fully - it just seemed like allot of elements tacked together without any sort of cohesive whole. I know that this was likely the point but it didn't work as well as intended and just felt a little messy. Acting was great, sound was great, it was shot well, the gags were great, but as is common it was let down a little by the story.


this was pretty good. Good costumes. Funniest bit was the roller door locking the girls out while the top teacher boss dog went back in.


This just didn't work for me. Sort of Charlie's Angels on a budget and in 48 hours. I liked the outside shots and a lot was achieved, but it just seemed to take a few basic elements and try and stitch them together, but failed. However, hats off for the effort put into a few of the scenes.


There is plenty of enjoyment within this film.
I didn't fully buy that any of the actors were actually superhero's, however there was comedy within the stereotypical costumes and lack of superpower.

Overall a well polished short with guaranteed entertainment.


This was a lot better than that sketch pad shit at the beginning. Could have been better. But I guess everyone says that rite?


Not a bad effort from Dog Films, but it was certainly let down by the story line which was a little confusing at times (And too Charlie's Angel's), and I was a bit confused by the rather annoying and (bad?) fake accents that didn't really seem to fit in at all.

Good costumes, mediocre acting and good music combined with some good cinematography made it rather enjoyable, however.

Acting: 5/10
Technical: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Story: 4/10

Total: 6.5/10