'What Happened On Wednesday' by Angry Squirrel Productions

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What Happened On Wednesday
Body Switch Movie
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Hammy, but charming. Good grasp on narrative, but some performance and sound issues let it down overall. Waaay too much exposition – it simply wasn't needed.


I liked this film, cool idea with the person becoming the computer. I liked the acting of the computer/person as he spoke like a search engine would perhaps. Unnecessary plank at the end though :P


After having to reset the mainframe, Bobby's body is switched into that of the office social computer. However his normal human body still exists, and he actually starts to learn how to be nice to people.

This short had good energetic pacing and some good laughs from the audience.


I liked this one a lot, you guys have great potential. Loved the idea and the bosses performance. If it were a little more concise and lost the planking ending this would have been a contender.


Good. Worker swaps body with computer. Lots of interweb gags. Planking and Facebook and Google and whatnot. Some of the gags were really pretty good, and it hit more than it missed. Very well realised characterisation make it consistently enjoyable. Congrats to Angry Squirrel.


great twist on body switch idea. good effects and production.


Technically this was very nice, solid acting, nice shots and use of angles.

I just found the story line a little irritating - but hey this is just my opinion...