'Lust For Vengence' by Atlas Hand

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Lust For Vengence
Revenge Movie
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Great intention of style and good location, costumes, just not entirely pulled off and let down by the acting, which was accentuated by one lead being very overplayed and the other being the complete opposite.
The repetition of dialogue by the male lead was immensely annoying.
Suspect the audience got to the ending well before the film did.


Well played by the male actor got into his role very well. The female just needed to be a little more confident but did well as well. Interesting story, semi guessed how it would play out but wasn't sure who was to be the bad guy/girl at the end.


They didn't get one-room as their genre, but this team pretty much made one anyway.

A guy and a gal meet up at a bar, each with an invitation to meet Bobby/Bobbie Young. A couple of drinks leads to some chit chat which revealed some dark secrets, and the opportunity for revenge.

Whilst the actor doing his best 40s noir actor impersonation was enjoyable to watch, the film was basically switching back and forth between the two just talking to each other, which got tedious.


Not bad, but if you're going to do a story this simple (and unoriginal) you should have the characters up and moving a bit more rather than just cutting between the same 3 shots over and over.
Plus the fact the man spoke with an old-timey Jimmy Stewart type accent, while the woman spoke in a flat kiwi accent was just bizzare.


Attempt at a noir-ish, revenge-served-cold flick, with mixed results. The Roxy is a great location for this kind of thing (and Worser Bay looks great up on screen too), but the performances were stilted, the story a little prosaic and the twist lacking a sting. It wasn't shot in an awfully inspired manner, but it didn't need to be. I imagine the editor did not have fun swapping back and forth between talking heads on Sunday...


The oddest thing about this film - the two main characters mention their old college friends, whom the screenwriter has given the same names as the main characters in Ayn Rand's objectivism bible "Atlas Shrugged". Given the team name, I can't help wonder if ACT On Campus has an am-dram club.


Not bad for a team of four. Started out a bit disjointed but came together in the end.


This film just didn't grab me at all.

I think the story could have been told in about a third of the time, and losing the american accent would have improved the film a lot for me.


I'm giving this film a one because it's Number One. If it doesn't win the whole competition I swear I'll eat my hat! I liked how the actor really emoted with his face and how every minor plot point was repeated in the dialogue not once... not twice... but thrice! This ensured that the mental defectives among us (myself included) understood what was going on at all times and were not given an unhealthy shock come the reveal.