'Last Chance' by Alpha Bristol Films

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Last Chance
Road Movie
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Clever idea and well executed. Good work.


Very cool adaption of The Ghosts of Christmas Past. Had a nice feel to it and a good ending for the characters. Well played


On the verge of a relationship breakdown, the lead actor went for a walk where he saw elements of his past, present and future.

Whilst clearly inspired by A Christmas Story, this had some good stuff going for it on a technical level, and I admired the 'trapped in the frame' very much when you consider how much effort must have been put in to get the shot.


Simple idea with a twist executed well, good job


Good central performances but the story and execution itself left me cold. Nothing wrong with indulging in meta-cinema and feeling the hand behind the camera and all that, but for such a human story with such a proven and talented cast, the emotion should have carried more. I did vote for it.


I love the colour rendering technique in this film. Very good acting especially the girl, good script, and good camera work!


overall was great. looked good. not sure how it fit into a road movie, though it was either a nice twist or a bit of a stretch. phenomenal acting and nice take on a christmas carol for romance.


This Film has quite a few enchanting moments. especially the scene where the lead gets stuck in frame.

I liked the twist to the road trip genre, and fully bought the idea. The camera work was impressive, as were the locations.

I think I would have preferred a more original story as that was pretty much what let let this film down for me. But all in all a nice film, well done guys =D


*Viewed in the Screening Room

A selfish man finds himself literally trapped by his past, present and future in an attempt to convince him of the error of his ways.

This has become one of my favourite films of this year's 48 Hours. A simple and well-worn story, true, but I thought its delivery was really engaging. Well-paced, nicely shot and the acting was convincing. What's more, it all led to a satisfying ending! My only real grip is that the flash-backs took place in the same place each time albeit with the appropriate props. I competely understand why you did it that way, however!

For me, a film that has excellent replay value. Great work!