'In Limbo' by Archimedes

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In Limbo
Quest Movie
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Well-performed, nicely shot. The narrative had a good premise but got a pretty confusing towards the end, and lacked the punchiness that we'd been expecting.


Refreshing idea on the entry to Heaven, was waiting for one after the End of the World weekend. Good idea and well played. Didn't really understand the end though? Looked very good.


Stuck in afterlife Limbo, our telemarketer lead does his best to get into Hell by impressing the Devil after being denied entry to Heaven.

This leant itself well to a couple of jokes in order to show how bad he was (it's never too late, even if you're dead), and I dug the Mony Python-esque animation.

Actually a reasonably touching ending, too.


A real shame this one was disqualified. Some interesting animated inserts and solid performances made this a unique film.
The woman who played the devilish temptress... schwing!


An amusing story with good performances and animation. Introducing the dying mother earlier may have made the ending a little clearer, however it was touching none-the-least. An enjoyable watch.


Slid through on charm. Some nice use of available locations and a decent use of the freeze frame at the end.


looked incredible. very funny. technically, the actor would have gone to hell instead of walking his mother to heaven, though, wouldn't he? still enjoyed the waiting room Limbo and gabriel scenes very much.


Well shot, good acting very well rounded film. But the story lost me about 3/4 of the way through.