'Awake' by An Eloquent Sausage

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Horror Movie
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Some genuinely frightening moments – some of the scenes with the woman alone in the forest were really well pulled off. Plot was a bit intriguing and a bit confusing and then just stopped with no real resolution. Patchy performances.


Definitely one of the better horror movies I have seen pulled off during 48 hours but needed a little more in it to be great. Still good job guys!


The concept was decent, waking up in the woods and being chasen by an unknown menacing figure, but I wasn't really grabbed by this film.

A creepy shot of a dead body did give it enough of a horror vibe, but other than that the execution was a bit average.


A few horror tropes but nothing really going on. I give it points for being concise though


Started out in a very promising way and was goose-bumpy in places, but the conclusion wasn't satisfying as there wasn't enough sense of the real threat offered by Bobby (or otherwise, I couldn't tell). Certain scenes very Evil Dead, which is always a good thing. Horror is a surprisingly hard genre and I liked that this team found a way of setting theirs in broad daylight.


nic stuff in the woods. would like to have seen more happen to the actress or the connection with the body she found. looked great.fun way to start a movie.


A good beginning. The dead hand looked very realistic.


Quite liked the forest scenes in this one, and especially the shot with the hand. The reaction of the jilted boy didn't tie in with the rest of the short. I voted this as my 3rd film on the night


An effective and atmospheric horror. Nicely shot and well acted, though the semi-comedic phonecall sapped the tension a bit.