'The Ex-Factor' by Touching Cloth Productions

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The Ex-Factor
Romantic Comedy
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Sadly audio was a mess in this one... They blamed the equipment at the heats but theirs was the only one with issues and half their audio was fine and half missing. Voice was missing in every other shot. So has to have been an error somewhere in the editing. Apart from that it was the 2nd best looking film of the heat showing off their dolly & crane. (nice for some :)


I know what you mean with the audio! A real shame. But the cinematography was amazing. Obviously a lot of work went into making their shots. The lack of audio didn't do it justice. But as Bruce said, the audio was there on the official copy but it failed to make it to the DVD for the heats screening. I also say it was the 2nd best film looking film in the heat but with the audio missing we didn't know what was going on.

Can't wait to see it in its entirety at the finals. No wonder your are Touching Cloth!


Such a shame that we couldn't hear all the dialogue but the movie looked really professional. Looking forward to seeing the movie in it's full glory


Looked like it would be a good film however the audio let it down, can't judge a film when no audio. Seemed a bit strange that no other team had audio issues only this one.


Nice images ......... Not much more to be said I guess...


Nice images ..... That's all I can say I guess...

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Nice images... That's all I can say I guess...
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