'Unit 1-Z' by Guys & Dollys

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Unit 1-Z
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Amazing twist. Loved your camera angles. Sweet-as action moves. Not sure how well the character of Bobby Young was incorporated into this, but was a fun ride nonetheless.


A heavy hitter.
Very well crafted and engaging film, had my attention right from the go.
Clever and artfully directed, excellent camera and good pacing kept this little gem rolling along.

The execution of the characters was impeccable.
The ex-bully, (Bobby is now a detective cop), was played well, and his sidekick played his part with professional timing. I'd like to see more of these two.

I'm a little uncertain if this group know how to shoot at night.
Some night scenes were great, and at other times, just dark fuzz.

The bust-in by the cops and the reveal of their true intent - Magic!

Very likeable and well executed flick. Audience really got it, too!


Nice use of dramatic shadow early on. With the exception of a few later night shots, it was filmed very well. Audio was clear and well presented.

A really solid short.

The ending felt rushed. With a solid lead up this one gag wonder left us wanting more. Was that what they were going for?

Some (but only some) of the night shots were terrible.


Well shot, good audio and a solid finishing gag. Well done! The audience really reacted to your finish!


This was a well-acted film, with the technical proficiency to do it justice.

The main parts were very nicely played, and the genre elements rang true. My main disappointment with the film was that the central idea wasn't taken any further. I don't know how long it actually was, but when the reveal occurred, I sat up, expecting the film to continue in that vein, and pack some real punch, but it never quite came, which was something of a let-down.

All in all, a very nice film, and despite not taking the concept so far as to really endear itself to me, mostly satisfying.

Keep being cool, guys.


I can't read the name of this film without smiling - the reveal at the end was brilliant!

This film really captured all the elements of a great old school cop show - the music and shots were spot on, and the obligatory car bonnet jump was pulled off well. The cops' comedic timing was superb, you should keep them on!

However, I would have liked to see more fp action after the reveal as there were hilarious.