'Theres’ a fly in my marge' by Equals Sheep

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Theres’ a fly in my marge
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SWEET IDEA. I couldn't stop laughing at the fly driving the car.
Best. Scene.
Am unsure about the ending, but the execution on the whole was pretty freakin' great.


Seriously, dude. Thats some funny shit.

A guy finds a live fly in his margarine, on the way to complain, his BX breaks down! and goes to complain, the fly steals a car and off they go to the company. For some reason as the fly and the guy stop for a paddle, and we're treated to an underwater shot from a surfboard. Then fly knocks out the douche-bag owner of the margarine company in a freeze frame ending. Poor story but funny as.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as the fly does his thing. Funny, but a bit annoying too.

The fly driving a stolen car is just hilarious!


Really quite funny for the majority of the film. Good sight gags. The fly driving the car was excellent, and featured nice use of the prop.

Use of compulsory character was lame. Completely pointless water and underwater shots which detracted from your narrative. If they were funny they could at least be excused, but they didn't even add much in the way of comedy.


Funny film, with some clever shots and not so clever props (intentionally so - so we can forgive).

Loved the car scene and the cousin line - and so did the rest of the audience.

But I agree with the other reviews: why did you bother with the underwater shot?


I was completely enamored of the central effect of the fly for the duration of this film. It is ideas like that which are the reason that I love this competition.

The dialog was very funny, but several elements of the film distracted from what could have been a delightfully simple film. As mentioned in the other reviews, the surfing scene messed with the flow of the film (also unfortunate because the audio didn't match the quality of the visuals in the scene). The buzzing became a little irritating halfway through, but that is forgivable.

The hurried ending soured my opinion of this film a little, but I am still very much in love with the creative use of raisins and fishing line. Too delightful for words.


Somehow a raisin on a string managed to be funny for the entire duration! Good work guys, very funny. I thought the bent wire was used excellently to allow the fly to steal a car (that crazy fly).

The story was a good one, although in execution had some strange additions (I didn't really know why the surfboard scene was included). The film was entertaining the whole way through, but the ending seemed to kill the story quite abruptly.