'Remote Access' by HandCranked Productions

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Remote Access
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Being late didn't help this flick at all.

Even having more time to edit this deep and meaningful story didn't aid the story or development.
Aside from the dodgy greenscreening, and hard to find storyline, I felt like I was being shoved in front of someones 'morality and society are all screwed up' play.

A tough, spirited and suprisingly agile actress, Angela Lyon, and a misanthrophic cast of ne'er do wells, (Hank, you sexy cad!) couldn't save this. Purple dildo to the rescue!

Poor audio at times.



The final sequence looked really good, and I believed the solid 'thunk' when they were hacking just out of the camera's vision.


I'm not going to rag on this too much, but bad green screen and an incongruous ending do not make for a good film.


It is hard to review something like this. It reinforced my own 'no greenscreen during 48Hours' policy.

HandCranked made the wonderfully entertaining 'Club Mud' back in 2009. What happened guys?

I'm going to give you one positive: the end scene was actually very good, and the audience understood what was going on in that one scene (even if it seemed out of keeping with the rest of the film).


I have a soft-spot for nonsensical surrealism, which probably made me enjoy this movie slightly more than many would have. Visually, a messy, but surprisingly memorable film. Ill-advised, but still quite entertaining green-screening featured heavily. There were several very nice aspects of the film, mainly in the costuming of the villain, and with the masterful utilisation of a broken couch. However, my overwhelming feeling with this film was that an immense amount of creativity - as we've seen from this team before - was squandered with a few poor story choices (such as the somewhat irritating attempt at social commentary, and general muddled nature), and technical issues.

Also, for your enjoyment, a quote from Mr. Show With Bob and David,:
"I don't own a television. You'll notice I didn't say TV. TV is a nick-name, and nick-names are for friends, and television is *no* friend of mine."


i thought this film was awesome, my fav actually it is totally what i think 48 hours should be quirky funny bad effects... loved it


I felt that the audience was a bit more lost under the couch than the protagonist in this quest film.

One of the more unusual entries, I'm not entirely sure if the surrealist story and the green screen really paid off, but when you have an awesomely broken couch, I guess you have to use it...

I did enjoy the teenage wasteland ending however, as it drove the film into such random territory that I think it finished well.