'Love Another Clay' by Imagimotion

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Love Another Clay
Rom Com
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Well done on doing an entire stop-motion film in 48 hours! Was freakin' awesome. Keep it up :D


Being an animator is a tough life choice. You spend hours and hours pushing plasticine around, under hot and infuriating conditions, never really knowing if its going to work. Kind of like being a teacher.

Imagimotion are a team who've dedicated many hours to this craft. and, well....it worked. Kind of.

Jumpy camera like a Mexican bean.
Wildly fluctuating lighting. Very poor quality audio. Bugger.
But a purpose built sets (from plasticine & cardboard) a fun story and the audience loved the payoff.

"What have you got?"
'Ah, nothing, just your girlfriend!"

Naked, naked girlfriend on the phone too.
Picnic scene was the funnest.

A little more focus on the technicals and this group could be a welter-weight contender.


Nice sets and I will salute anyone who does claymation in 48 hours. What an effort. The bullying quit line was also an interesting concept. The audience laughed in the right places.

A little but jumpy in places (image wise). I thought you had wrapped up the story nicely by killing the boss, but you brought him back for the ending. This actually undid a key element of your story - that the boss disappeared.


A bullying quit line call centre romance done in stop-motion animation. Combining real world environments with your constructed office space was cool. Well done.


Deciding to make a stop-motion film is a great risk, and in this case, it doesn't quite pay off, visually. There is much jerkiness in the animation, which prevents it from having a polished feel. The story, on the other hand, is nicely developed, and has a satisfying conclusion.

In the end, however, the technical aspects let this film down, both the visuals and the audio, in a few places.

Make lots of these films, get a feel for the medium's idiosyncrasies, and there is no doubt that you will make something truly great next year, guys.


Claymation! Awesome.

The story was written well to elicit laughs in all the right places. This film had the best use of the given line out of the all the films in the heat.

Producing a stop-motion film in 48 hours is a massive undertaking, but if you guys keep at it, these little gems will only get more polished.