'Love and Losses' by System of Five

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Love and Losses
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Amazingly acted. Some really nice shots. Not sure how it's a fad movie though...


1/ A superb little number from a team thats on the rise. Spoiled only by uncertain camera angles and very patchy audio.

2/ Beautiful brides dress, and bride! Casting of the priest, and the grooms dialogue was...can-do-better,
but good setting and shooting opportunities, let down by bad, bad audio and auto focus. WTF!

3/ Liked the use of Swing Dance as the fad. But, ultimately, flawed execution let this flick down.
Expect great things from this team in the future. Didn't they do animation before? Big step up & forward.


Solid acting from the lead male, which held the whole thing together. The story was convincing and entertaining, even if it didn't sit well with the genre.

Swing as a fad - you're stretching the concept a bit there. Camera lost focus a few times, particularly outside at night. Delivery from groom was variable.


What can I say. This was really quite well done. Sure, there are a couple of technical issues (focus and sound) but with an exceptionally strong performance by your lead (well done Mark) and an engaging story you can look past them.

Congrats on a fine effort, and my sympathies for the disqualification.


The story this movie tells is great. It has a well-executed arc, and a really beautiful sentiment.

There were a few things which took away from it, such as focus and audio issues, but they weren't too distracting. While the story was great, the integration of the fad element was tenuous, at best, lacking some of the necessary plot points for that "genre".

However, a strong lead performance, and an affecting plot made this film a pleasure to watch.


A solid leading man kept my attention through this movie, with a good story and some nice shots. However, I wasn't sure about swing dancing as a fad, and sometimes the camera and audio weren't that great.

All and all it was a good watch, and your priest was hilarious (although maybe you weren't going for that...).