'Heroes, Villians & a Choice' by Freaks, Inc

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Heroes, Villians & a Choice
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Started well, but woefully overacted by the antagonist.

The vaguely stoned bully was quite cool though.


The boss bad guy could deliver his lines clearly, even if he did ham it up a bit too much. The doomsday device was nice.

Poor editing and shooting angles in the final office sequence leads us to some awful jump cuts. I had absolutely no idea what Bobby Young was saying.


Variable audio and delivery made this one a tough short to watch.

I've assumed that you only had an onboard mic. Cut to a close up if your actor doesn't have the volume to project across the room - that way you get the camera close and we can hear him.


This, unfortunately, was a film plagued with technical problems, and an underdeveloped story/script. Audio was often hard to hear, and the framing was generally uninspiring. On the good side, however, the villain was deliciously over-acted by Mark Heap's long-lost brother, a nice shooting location was used in the hallways scenes, and the doomsday device was a charming touch.

Keep making films, learn to iron out the audio and visual issues, and do yourself justice (if you excuse the superhero-themed pun)!

P.S. The beginning scene reminded of the first scene of the first episode of Archer, which can only ever be a good thing.


This film had its moments - the small amount of fighting was acted out well, and the doomsday device with the bent wire was a nice touch also.

Ultimately, this film couldn't overcome the sparse plot and hard to hear audio. Some of the scenes also felt stifled by the camera angles.