'Examination in Progress' by Black Van Candy

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Examination in Progress
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Guts on getting musical for the second year in a row! You guys pulled it off spectacularly though. Loved the musical incorporation of random everyday sounds, and loved the 7-minute duration of the exam. Also loved the syncronised pseudo-dancing. Funky. :D


Tough one, guys. ANOTHER musical! But I reckon you pulled it off really well.

The tunes were cool, even catchy, and used the crisp quirky zipper and pen click idea, cool.
Lyrically fun and funny, even the auto tune for actors who couldn't sing, albeit, your mixdown as bit quiet.

Visually average, even conservative, but competent and in focus!

Loved the 'limited dance number' on the desks, audience loved the hot girl with nail polish and heels too.


Nice concept, mostly great cuts. I really liked the use of real world sounds to build your soundscape, and cutting between them gave the short great pace.

One of the more enjoyable offerings of the night.

Some of the cuts got out of time with your beat by the end.

Terrible auto-tune made many of the lines incomprehensible. I don't know how Booby Young was portrayed as an ex-bully, but have assumed I missed it somewhere in the auto-tuned bleating.

If I really want to get picky, I'd argue that this didn't really portray any of the genre tropes of musical or dance (other than featuring a bit of each). This was more a music video.


This was fun to watch. Really pacy with a solid edit. Other people have mentioned the sound effects, and I have to agree. The pencil case zipper was inspired.

But... I couldn't understand some of the autotune so I get the impression that we all missed some good jokes.

Freezeframe moment was wonderfully purile.


I heard that this is the second musical in two years for these guys, so good on them for not losing their collective mind!

This was a nice film, although significantly marred by excessive pitch correction on the vocals, which made it very hard to understand much of the sung dialog. Fortunately, their simple concept meant that the audience was able to fill in some of the gaps.

The premise and writing was solid, and despite the audio issues (which, unfortunately, are a very common problem in this competition), the little touches, such as the musical use of the sound effects, and the "dancing", make this a charming film.

P.S. Ready to go Musical three years in a row?


The 48 gods haven't been treating you well, two musicals in a row! Good effort though, you didn't go crazy.

The movie played a bit more like a music video than a musical, but I enjoyed the lyrics when I heard them (auto-tune was a bit incomprehensible) and the dance moves were pretty fly. The cut shots to the pencil case sounds etc. were done really well.

Nice inclusion of a 7-minute time frame for the test!