'Dealing with Bobby' by Hoods Up Knives Out

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Dealing with Bobby
One Room
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Ruined by a screwup in post.
LOUD sound effect of an idling diesel tuck (even when travelling!) totally separated us from the story, which, from what we could make out, was kinda cool.

The final special effects shot, ( a hand painted truck!) with flame effects, didn't fool anyone. Next year, eh.

In the meantime, fire your audio post producer.


I can see there was so much more to this, and I keep trying to fill in the blanks. The actors visual performance was convincing.

Terrible audio means that we only have a loose idea of the story, and didn't get a chance to experience the actors performances. A real shame as it looked like it had a real story behind it.

A dialogue heavy film where you can't hear the dialogue. Ouch.


Poor audio let down what looked like an interesting story. Tough break guys. I'd be interested to hear if it was a fault that you could fix for your own 'director's cut'


Unfortunately, this film is rendered largely unwatchable, due to a major audio editing mishap. Which is such a shame, because, it seems like it would have been a very good film.

I really feel for you guys, and I would be supremely keen to see a fixed version of this film. Guts, bros.


A potentially good film ruined by audio. I can relate with this problem quite well (our film had delayed audio the entire way through last year).

From what could be seen and heard, the film seemed like a well written and acted piece. Like others, I felt like I was missing out on a good film by having a 4WD idle beside me.

However, some of the shots taken were superb, and I particularly liked the lighting used.

I second the motion of a director's cut if you can fix the audio!