'Cut it out' by Appartition on Toast

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Cut it out
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The evenings gore fest, and it was a good one!

A late entry, (MC said they missed by 10 seconds!) this Horror noir was a set-piece gem! Brilliant art direction, staging and practical lighting left us no doubt as which genre they were shooting for.

Great use of defunct technology to set the period and vibe. This film was coherent, disturbing and it really worked.

Squirmy moment of the night when the good Dr used a coathanger for a Trans-nasal lobotomy! On his daughter! Bloody hell!

Nice touch at the end where the Dr and his lobotomised daughter are playing 'Operation.'

I would have rated this as one of my fav's.


Very cool sets and props throughout. Fantastic blood effects. I really liked the surgical procedure being shown on the screen behind. The use of the wire actually fit the story.

I guess the story didn't really grip me. If they didn't have the great props and well dressed sets I think my mind would have wandered. In the end I had no real reason to care about any of the characters.


Really cool sets on this one. It was cool to see the surgery on the screen in the background, a simple but very effective way of selling the whole procedure. Made for a very convincing scene.

The freezeframe ending didn't do it for me though.


As a gory, creepy film, this largely succeeds, but the plot is a little muddled.

Very, very nice practical effects, and, as mentioned in another review, great use of the surgery video in the background. Coathanger scene was wonderfully shocking.

The ending was little too morbidly humorous compared with the rest of the film, but this team very effectively channeled their assigned genre.


Had me squirming in my seat! Excellent effects and set design - loved the use of the old tv for the surgery as well as the intro. Props for the props also.

The acting was well done, although the plot had me lost in some places. Overall, it embraced the horror genre well, and I loved the dark operation game finish.