'Tip of the Iceberg' by Twins and Bullies

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Tip of the Iceberg
Body Switch
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I can imagine Body Switch being really hard to achieve convincingly. These guys tried hard with a story of someone who switches bodies with a successful singer so he can “be someone”. The plan fails.

This was pretty hard to follow and suffered a bit with audio issues. But I guess that just added to the charm of this heat.


This made me cringe. It felt awkward and stiff as if the script was written in the fifties. The audio malfunctions eg. ....ACTION actually helped them in my opinion as they created humour in what would have been a very serious film.


I directed this short, and would agree wholeheartedly with most of the criticisms raised. It was utterly incoherent on the screen, as a result of a rough cut with massive issues being handed in. I would suggest that the issue isn't in the story, which I imagine is probably indecipherable anyway to anyone viewing it cold, but in our total inability to translate it to the screen due to afore-mentioned editing problems and general lack of organisation on the shoot weekend. I have never been so disappointed with a 48hours short I have made, and I have made some shockers. This was a heat for indecipherable and deeply disturbing stories though, so I thought we were a decent fit, albeit not as intentionally funny as others.


I think you guys had a good idea. The body-switch is a blatantly unfair genre to get, so a lot of the plot problems are understandable.

But that being said, I didn't dislike the plot. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad. Only the execution was bad.


A young guy switches into the body of someone more successful and they eventually come face to face.

Twins & Bullies have become quite infamous in CHCH 48HRS circles and I'm still unsure on whether it's been their intention all along to make, well, bad films. Hmm...

Anyway, this story is actually quite a good idea but sadly not executed well at all. Obvious tech issues: audio, some shakey cam, direction being heard (which always goes down well)etc. Also how many times can you say "Tip of the Iceberg" in a film? And a bar in a school library/office/whatever...really? Maybe in the staffroom!
There's something likeable about you guys though and I'm sure you'll keep coming back for more. You're also totally correct - Crazy Town was the right heat for you.


Body-switch, a case of "yeah, I think I can see what you were *trying* to do here...", which fell flat in the execution. Technical issues (and there were plenty of them) aside, I think the piece was ultimately too cluttered with story; what I probably wanted from this was less plot, more character, since it was the desire to be someone else which motivated the events in the first place. Also, the reality of the locations used (school interiors, at a guess) jarred against what they were meant to portray, although finding an appropriate location for filming is an issue that never gets much easier for most 48hours teams.


You guys got a horrid category, in itself it is a cliche. But props for trying, apart from some...technical issues (charmingly 48 hours), it was a pretty good addition to the heat.


I have some useful constructive criticisms, but need to view the film once more in order to more fully give you further professional advice :) I am a film professor from Auckland University, therefore I believe I have a superior insight than the dolts who commented before me.