'The Butterfly' by Yuna

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The Butterfly
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Beautifully made serious drama. Well done.


This was a story about a woman who loved ballet dancing, as evidenced by her dancing around her house. She keeps hearing her mother’s negative and critical voice in her head. One day a letter arrives. It is from her mother explaining how she wanted to dissuade the daughter from becoming a ballerina for her own good (I didn’t get all the details here), but that she really did think that she was a good dancer.

I liked this a lot, although it probably would have been stronger if it had cut a minute or two out. Really good example of a dance movie.


By far the best in its heat. Lol. The quest film was also pretty good but The Butterfly felt more authentic.


Beautifully shot film. Clearly the best of it's heat. A genuine contender.


As has been said, beautiful piece of filmmaking. I really liked the pace and an uplifting final scene


An arty film about a youngish ballerina. She dances, she showers, she brushes her hair and she dances and dances. She's also a little troubled and keeps hearing the critical voice of her mother as she practices. A letter brings some new information that may add to her woes.

Really nicely made with high production values. Low on dialogue and high on style. I enjoyed some of the clever transitions - brushing hair to a car wash and it seems a lot of thought has gone into this whole film. Certainly some lovely dancing and convincing acting. I suppose comparisons to elements of Black Swan will be inevitable but that shouldn't detract from this probable finalist. Real nice!


I enjoyed it thoroughly and didn't lose interest. It's been trimmed down to a manageable running time with a message delivered. There is some great subtext throughout that was actually pretty timely and powerful.
Actress deserves some kind of award for her touching performance.


A really nice, serious piece, looked great, with a compelling story, and excellent music choice too (from the Loop catalogue, I presume? If so, I'm impressed with the range of their material). Also, the sole female actor in it gave a brilliant performance, subtle and naturalistic (with the exception of one ill-directed eye-widening reaction shot), easily the best performance of the two heats I saw. A terrific example of a simple relationship dynamic between two characters (one never seen here) forming the backbone of a solid short film.