'Super Music Dude Man' by Toys in the attic

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Super Music Dude Man
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A musician (I guess) auditioned three very bad musicians for… something. He then turned into a superhero and locked them in a garage, forcing them to listen to each other’s music. Not sure how or why the musician needed to be a super hero…

Some nice lines and gags, but too confusing and too lacking of a plot to draw me in.


Odd. The film itself was pretty... well, awful, but the team intro and the atmospheric, echo-ey credits music was pretty cool.


Bobby Young, a music producer, interviews peopel who think they have talent. They don't, he drugs them and forces them to listen to their own music in an attempt to put them off a music career.

Pretty odd. The interview scenes where quite well handled but their were too many of them. A lot of the dialogue was hard to understand and in general a pretty tedious effort. Hope you come back again though as you seem to have enough energy and soem equipment!


This film took its merry time finding its feet as a superhero story; arguably an origin story, perhaps? It eventually made sense, mostly, with our lead as music producer by day, bad-music-fighting superhero by, er, later in the day. Quite a nice idea actually, if a bit mishandled in the execution. It also didn't look half bad, and a bit of nice editing in the interview montage. I would have liked the three musician characters to have been ever-so-slightly less broad in their performances, less cartoony, but they obviously had a bit of fun doing it. A decent first-time effort.