'Penance' by Two Total Twits

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This movie was either genius or a tragic technical failure. I'm choosing the former.


Pure genius. Nailed the horror genre perfectly.


This started with some mood shots of a back yard, intercut with shots of a guy sitting at a desk drinking whiskey. Then we lost pictures as the screen switched from black to white periodically while the soundtrack (mainly heavy guitar music with the sound of water – maybe the whiskey?) played. It had its own charm and everyone cheered every time the screen switched to white, just because of the sheer unplanned brilliance of it all. Genius? Probably. Repeat viewing? Not without serious medication. Unfortunately disqualified.


This was without a doubt the artsiest 48hours short I have seen. A mixture of black screens, with the occassional white flash and accompanying syncronised sound. A little bit of live-action was placed at the start, with a man drinking whiskey. The audience took to cheering as the white flashes popped up, as this undeniable work of incoherent genius took 48hours to experimental places that no film in this heat could touch. Obviously it was missing the required elements, but nobody cared.


I think, if the film had ended with a zombie with a name tag saying "Bobby Young: Ex-Bully", holding a bent piece of wire screaming "WHAT HAVE YOU GOT?!?" to scare the living sh!t out of the unsuspecting audience, then this film would not have been disqualified and would have been my favourite.


Andrew said at the start that he was hesitant to label this a film but as he said "We play 'em all!"

To start with this was in 4:3 aspect ratio but that was to be the least of the problems. Some nice establishing shots of a garden and a mysterious man sitting at a desk were rudely interupted by black screens and the occasional white screen. As mentioned the cheering was enormous and this film was the only one in all the heats to bring tears to my eyes. On occasions the white flashes synced with some of the music which was magic. Towards the end a couple of frames of footage appeared to incrediable cheering! The soundtrack was OK.

Every virgin 48HRer should see this film, and a few vets too for a nice dose of reality. I'd watch it again although it's be hard to recreate the atmosphere within that auditorium. Without doubt the best entertainment of the CHCH heats.


You were robbed of your title. Best film of the night.


Penance. Perhaps the idea is that watching this film repeatedly is meant to be penance for gratuitously featuring V cans in one's film, or constructing one's film title around a lame pun on one of the required elements. (Not digs at this film of course, just at many others.)

The couple of shots that weren't missing from this film actually looked vaguely promising, and I can't help but wonder what the film was meant to be. Although I suspect that the reality would be far more mundane than whatever's in everyone's imaginations.

The viewing experience was pretty amazing, and hilarious, and very much a you-had-to-be-there thing. And yet, joking aside, an argument is made for the merits of lack of picture as a filmmaking tool, which is usually forgotten about in 48hours. For one thing, a blank screen is certainly much easier to shoot.


[Watched this at the heats]

This was in the WTF category, but was enjoyable (for a one time viewing only!)
Had the crowd in stiches, especially at the end where we actually got some visual to accompany the audio!