'Daniel Harbattkin's Partner in Crime 3: Pressing Engagements' by Zonky Zoot Zoot

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Daniel Harbattkin's Partner in Crime 3: Pressing Engagements
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Another WTF special (what was it with this heat?). A brief short about, um, some characters in a Victorian-era brothel??? Two girls kissed, one girl was in the bath, a guy got told off???
Fun times but absolutely confusing and confused. Lovely.


Started out promising, but then just felt like an amateur porno. The two girls kissing was the turning point in the its quality, and wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't of gone on for so long, blatantly just to stir a reaction with the audience. Pretty pathetic guys. The nudity was at first tasteful but the blooper at the end with a full on boobage shot again just felt like it was in there because sex sells.


In a heat of disturbing films, this one took the cake. The plot appeared to be about a mystery as vague as it needed to be to set up their real plan for the first 48hours porno. Intensely weird things followed, and the audience laughed uncomfortably throughout.


OK, so this starts out with a split screen sequence that introduces the main characters, including one chick in a bath with strategically placed bubbles. One scene follows from what I remember. Our male lead (Daniel?) enters what I assume is a Victorian brothel. He's sort of pushed aside by two of the young woman inside who launch enthusiastically into a prolonged, passionate kiss - there's no holding back here and it probably wins the points decision over a slightly less intense version in mrs e movies "Girl's Brigade" (Heat 6). So then, Daniel is confronted by another young woman who suggests through a couple of raised fingers that, things are about to get uncomfortable for our young hero. Fin.
Apart, from an outtake of the chick in the bath again with a lot less strategically placed bubbles. She messes up her line I think. :)

Short. Sharp. Not really that shocking, just provocative. The two young ladies certainly enjoyed their screen time, laughing wildly as it played. Afterwards too they seemed pretty impressed with their work. Should do well when uploaded to the Screening Room...


Completely insane. I'm sure it once had a very good (at least visible) plot, but it was muddled in the frantic editing. What it lacks in substance it makes up for in cheap thrills (nudity, lesbian kissing, possible anal-probing). My money is on it attracting a cult following in the viewing room. Also props for creating a scapegoat (Daniel Harbattkin appears to be a 13 year old Japaneses boy/singer)... Obviously this group doesn't take themselves too seriously.


No idea whatsoever what this was all about. No story that I am aware of to summarise, and despite stylised character titles at the beginning I couldn't really say who the characters were either. It felt like the first scene of a story, with just that minor issue of the middle and end parts being missing. And yet the thing still had quite a nice, quasi-vintage look to it, and I guess they were having fun. Someone obviously didn't get the memo about how the bubbles in the bath are meant to obscure the naughty bits, not illuminate them.