'A Series of Unlikely Events' by Zebra Crossing Inc

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A Series of Unlikely Events
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Unlikely indeed. Really liked the 'death' type character, and thought the 30 second intro was the best of all heats I saw.


Always keen to see Zebras quirky dark humor and this time round I wasn't disappointed. Solid camera and editing work, great characters and locations. Nice touching ending with the poppas message to the brother and sisters as well as the dedication of the film to their previous years team mates who were lost in the feb quake. Rest in peace guys, richard and his team delivered yet another entertaining flick.


Nicely shot story of a brother and sister thrown together by their deceased father on a quest to find some treasure. A mad/funny couple attempt to stop them by challenging them to combat (playing Twister), asking them a riddle, and getting them to cross a river without getting wet (they go across a bridge). The treasure is actually the brother and sister reconnecting. On genre and entertaining.


A bit of a step down from Frequencies, but a nice enough short none-the-less. A monty-python-esque take on the Quest movie, with some nice comedy. Well put-together, but unfortunately at the end of one of the most singularly weird 48hours heats I have ever seen.


This was a breathe of air in a sea of atrocious films I was drowning in, in this heat. After watching about 10 terrible films and only one good one (The Butterfly), A Series of Unlikely Events managed to deliver a hysterical performance. Well done Zebras.


After a lovely establishing shot, we meet Neil Young. He's just received a map from his poppa that leads to something special. The only condition is that he must take his bullying sister with him in order to get it. She's a piece of work when she arrives but together they set off on the quest. Before long they're stopped by a monk and his female assistant who won't let them pass unless they can win at a game of Twister. A nice sequence during this of the highs and lows of the game - and Richard Lord's bare butt. Anyway our leads are able to move on but find themselves stopped twice more by the eccentric couple. Will they ever make it!?

An obvious slick production from usual finalists in this competition and a nice story, (told in an interesting way), about working together, sibling love and resolving differences. Nicely placed as the last film of the heats and thus it rounded things off on a high and reflective note.

The most impressive film of the heat and likely to be replayed in the finals.


The mighty Zebra Crossing Inc. return with their latest outing, which is an unapologetically silly affair. A brother and sister team set off on a quest using a map gifted from their late father, with the sister character delivering a nice and plausible take on the ex-bully requirement. The realistic world of these two collides with the Pythonesque trappings of the characters they meet along the way, and by rights this should have bothered me, but for some reason it seemed to work.

The fact that the same two 'obstacle' characters kept popping up again was presumably a choice made initially for reasons of cast size and production scale. But as often happens in 48Hours, this constraint became a comedy asset, and the second appearance of this duo proved one of the funnier moments in the piece. We were also treated to a unobstructed view of Richard Lord's arse - I'm not sure if 'memorable' is quite the right word here, but the image is certainly still seared onto my retinas.

Then the piece had a final surprise in store by actually concluding devoid of any punchline or irony, instead playing it straight and unexpectedly sincere. At first this seemed like a disappointment, but on reflection the 'moral' of the story, despite being reasonably obvious, felt just right.


[Watched this at the heats]

This film had some great cinematography, with a few moments there feeling like a real hollywood film. I thought this film was OK, but didn't love it as much as everyone else seemed to. It had good production qualities and the acting was alright. The guy with the cowboy hat seemed a bit out of place! (cowboy hat in NewZealand?)

I really loved the satanic guy, especially when he turns his back and you see he is naked! Quality entertainment there I must say. All in all a solid production, however I feel it lacked creativity and that "something" that makes a film memorable. Kinda just seemed like a film that you watch and you are like "oh that was good it ticked all the boxes". Good job though, high quality film and I believe this team has the potential to make a really mind blowing film with a bit of creative input. Well done!