'Young Man' by The Dutch Underground

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Young Man
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For most of the short, I was just in awe of the sheer amount of shooting this team did. (Did this contribute to the late delivery?)
The costuming too was awesome. The film itself was well done, well written, very funny and incorporated the character of Bobby Young extremely well. I'm sure it would have done well if it had been eligable for competition.


I agree with daniel, your use of Bobby as an ex-bully was the best I have seen in the whole festival.

Such a shame you guys got DQ'd, as this film had a reasonable chance at winning overall IMO.

Lol, I loved Karen. Those costumes were amazing, and the acting was superb.


Awesome 3D intro - took me back to Heat 5 only bigger. Opens with a Superhero (Bobby) battling his arch-enemy. Turns out that the villain is the super-hero's dad and they both reflect on what got them to this point, namely all the cool evil things they used to do when Bobby was younger. That unfortunately is the problem; Bobby gave up on it being cool some time ago.

This was pretty awesome actually. Nicely shot; high production values, wicked costumes (Karen - ha!) and some excellent acting. The transition of Bobby through the ages was well cast. The only negative Ithought was that the voiceovers become a bit overdone. This one ticks many boxes in the Superhero genre - such a shame it was disqualified.