'The Invitation' by Super Mao Mao Communist Squad

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The Invitation
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A revenge-based one room entry. Very hard to make out the plot in this film due to huge amounts of technical issues. I'm guessing something went very wrong in the editing suite which is a shame since there was obviously a full story written and shot.


What I could imagine to be a great script and concept was pooly executed. Disappointed :(


I agree with Kawiti. I'm sure the script is fantastic, but the film itself failed to deliver with its use of many different cameras which vary in quality, dialogue that goes unheard and some pretty awkward acting.


Two guys chat in a living room and then a female friend arrives. They play cards and then the overhead light in the room blows plunging the scene into darkness. Despite this, the next shot of fumbling in the woman's purse (for a torch?) is nicely lit! Anyhoo, one of the guys while trying to fix the light gets electrocuted. "He's dead! Oh, no." It then goes through a lot of painful dialogue before some sort of twist ending where the revenge is explained to go with the One-Room genre.

Lots of tech issues here - 4:3 aspect ratio, mixed audio and a lot of edits that repeated audio from the previous clip. A couple of funny lines though - "He can't have kids because of you!" and a nice production logo.


Would like to know if there was a story behind the edit that was screened. It seemed the whole short was filmed over one night (one would assume Saturday night), which makes me wonder if this team was pressed for time, had to begin again or had serious technical issues.

What seems to be a concept with potential was ultimately let down by editing glitches, inaudible narration and radically varying camera images.

I did really like the super mario-inspired team production logo though, got a good laugh!