'Infinite Body Confidence' by The Eh Team

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Infinite Body Confidence
Body Switch
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My favourite from heat 8, I really enjoyed the approach this team took with Body Swapping and there was a beautiful little twist at the end. I think perhaps it could have been tightened up a bit in the edit, but overall excellent with some great work from the cast.


Great film guys, very original and well made, and well cast too.

My only criticism is the ending, whilst funny, the line "I'm gonna jam my finger so far up your anus" was quite an abrupt way to conclude the film, and I felt like a happy ending would have suited the story more.


Brilliant casting. Enough said.


This kicks off after a slightly prolonged establishing shot to show a nerdy guy who fancies a woman at the place they work. He tries to talk to her but it's just arkward. What he needs are the services of Infinite Body Confidence, where they can swap you into the body of someone more asthetically pleasing. So our lead makes a few changes in an attempt to win the girl.

Although there is a twist in the tail the message from this short was obvious from the start which made the story drag somewhat. I remember last year that this team made a clever little film in a restaurant and urinal that was dogged by poor audio. No such dramas this year as they've put together a slick production with only a couole of small sync issues. They have a talented cast and executed this story very well. A little surpised to see it wasn't one of the audience favourites but it was a tough heat. Should be a finalist.

BURNING QUESTION: Didn't anyone at the workplace find it strange that new people kept turning up?


Loved the quality of casting/acting in this short! The crews dedication really showed. Cinematography was very impressive also. Nice twist at the end; the humor invoked by the two actors outweighed the fact it wasn't exactly the happy ending we were expecting.

Good use of a tough genre.