'Gorilla Warfare' by The Xylophone Experiment

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Gorilla Warfare
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Technically let down in both sound and vision and as a consequence it was very hard to hear the dialogue actually tell what was happening. It made for a surreal end to the heat with an enjoyable ape chase sequence, but overall seemed to lack a coherent plot.


Well I thought it was great.


uh... What?


After a spooky team intro we see Bobby Young turn up at the home of a couple of mates. Gets a bit weird from there as someone in a gorilla suit shows up and seems to torment the lads. What starts is a bit of a Benny Hill chase scene and our trio eventually decide they have to kill the ape, which has escaped up in the roof. Ends with a black freeze frame so not sure what happened.



From watching "Gorilla Warfare", I got the idea that some sort of deal was occurring for a rare gorilla, with problems arising when the gorilla escaped. Amongst all this, a comical flashback showing the chase and capture of the gorilla is thrown in for good measure. Didn't quite understand why this all occurred in and around a suburban flat...

The poor lighting and low audio levels made this short hard to follow. It seemed to me the success of the short hinged on the capture flashback, which ultimately ran too long and was a bit excessive.