'CornChip' by The Gentlemen's Agreement

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A real crowdpleaser... nicely shot and edited and genuinely funny, I'm not sure how well the ex-bully trait was incorporated and in my opinion the team did a small sidestep with the genre and ended up with more of a crime/mystery than a quest. However one of the best in the heat, and highly entertaining.


I was very impressed with Cornchip and The Gentlemen's Agreement. The story was an awesome spin of the noir style, having only the lead character being part of the gritty surrealism that is inside his head.

The acting and use of narration was amazing to, I really enjoyed it.

I voted a 3 for it, and was probably my favourite film out of the 3 heats I saw.


A guy who fancies himself as a a bit of a PI investigates what has happened to his mate, Darren. In a clever mixture of reality and our lead's imagined film-noir world he interviews those who Darren most recently had contact with.

Some nice camera work in this and clever transitioning between the real and imagined. Nice cover for not having an actress too. A bit of audio variation but the voice over fits the style you were trying to present. Not sure about the Quest aspect of this at all but it was a lot of fun and well received by the audience.


Well this was a fun little noir parody short. I think as a Quest it works, because Noir is always a Quest from plot point to plot point, until they reach the conclusion. I'm not sure if the makers have seen it, but this felt a lot like an episode of the Venture Bros. called "Everybody Come to Hank's", which also used the hat to transition between black and white and colour and had a similar noir parody theme.

Pretty solid technically, and some nice music simmering in the background of the noir scenes, and the really neat aspect ratio shift. Ending could have been a bit better, but the freeze-frame was very good.