'The Last Duel' by Pressure Productions

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The Last Duel
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Nice spin on the FAD genre :) very well done, could have used some colour grading to finish off the feel perhaps?
One of my favorites, nice easy to follow story too, and a nice cliff hanger :) Good luck guys


I did not like this film. It's had a very high production value and all(a huge mansion and section, + 18th century costume, guns etc.) but what became increasingly obvious, was that Pressure Productions had came up with this idea completely before the contest started. Their genre is barely recognizable(fad), which was conveniently explained to the audience through the poorly delivered line "this FAD has gone on long enough". The character and line of dialogue were easily slipped in, and the bent bit of wire was probably written in the script as "object X" as the fact that it is a bent piece of wire is irrelevant. It could have been '10s broken toy or the rock or any other previous years' prop and had exactly the same effect.

The acting is average, which let the 18th century feel down a bit.

This film got third in it's heat, which I am disappointed in, just because a film is big budget and looks good, it does not mean it is a great film.


I agree with Christian Lee, nice take on the fad genre, a more sepia look would have suited, cliff hanger was good. Costume and location were very well suited to your story (pre-prepared perhaps?) nice look and feel to the movie. the female characters played almost no part in the story? and the acting standard was below what the movie needed. but otherwise entertaining


Large amounts of money does not necessarily mean a good film. Didn't quite make the fad genre... I would have thought it to be more of a revenge movie.


Extremely well-produced film. The script was tight, costumes and location matched the time (not a single modern house in the background, excellent work there), and the chosen 'fad' was interesting and original. Well worth another watch :D

It's a shame it couldn't be longer - bobby's wife never made another appearance, and Mr Sameuls' cross was an element that could've used some expanding. Otherwise, it was very enjoyable and I'm impressed by what was accomplished in just 48 hours. :)


Back in the day, dueling was a fashionable way to settle disputes. Bobby Young is formally challenged to a duel, seemingly to restore some wounded family honour. He accepts to maintain his own honour. As the duel gets set up two woman, suitable in their place, wait inside - one is excited, the other stressed about the situation. The duel begins...

Nice props (guns) and lovely locations used here. Costuming was great too. Some exposure issues in the visuals and for me the whole thing went on a bit long - the duel itself is so drawn out that I was thinking "just shoot already!" Sure the characters were conflicted - dueling is a big deal - but just shoot already!! The scene with the two woman was largely pointless and I agree that more could have been made of the backstory. This team are former finalists and have done some humorous stuff so interesting to see them take a serious approach this year.

* As an aside I don't think casting aspersions on teams (soon to be commonly known as "Affluent Syndicates") is all that constructive. You're allowed to source locations, think about costumes and props etc in advance. Don't take shots unless you have evidence and probably best to discuss it on the forums instead of here. (I know, I've just done that)


Very much a movie for adults. Amazing location and costumes but definately lost my interest part way through the film. This film definately dragged. I can see how this won 3rd place audience awards as it would have been very enjoyable for a older audience. Still a well made film!


When I began watching this I gulped, and thought holly hell, what and incredible location, and the effort behind all the costumes! Incredible…I felt the main actor performed very well, so looks the part (the others did too of course but he was noticeable). Original props, and overall well developed script. I was a little confused with the quality of the imagery in some scenes, unsure if the camera operator had the correct settings??? To be honest I was so engrossed in the actual movie that I really need to see again! Well done, I really really enjoyed it


[Viewed this in the screening room]

Ahh the last duel.

A snazzy looking story about two guys having a duel (with pistols) in elizabethian england. It had good production qualities, however I felt was lacking.

While it had some good moments (the ending was pretty intense), and looked fantastic, the story was pretty weak and it dragged on alot. The acting was ok, a couple of forced moments there made me feel like I was watching a play. The element however that I feel let it down was lack of origionality, not meaning to sound harsh as it is an ok film, but lack of being orgional is just like copying other people, and where is the fun in that?

With obviously some good gear, costumes and location, a great story would have rounded this off nicely. I hope your team enters next year as your production is top rate, just try get some crazy guy on your team this time, or dream up something fantastical! Nice starting shot by the way (with the letter) props to whoever did the cinemitography and costumes.