'Am I Questing' by BattleSoup

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Am I Questing
Quest Movie
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The ex-bully has to quest to find this guy he bullied who has cursed him with an anti-violence collar that keeps him in check.

This movie had the best use of the wire prop at this screening - as the electric collar for the forcibly reformed bully.

There wasn't a lot of action to the quest except dancing around in fields and stuff, but the sidekick was funny so that didn't really detract much. It would have been good to see another plot point or two though, without losing too much of the ukulele/prancing. Because really the ukulele/prancing was the main reason for making this movie, let's not kid ourselves. But that's not a bad thing.


a shame this film got disqualified as it was definitely one of the most fun ones in the heat. the story was simple, yet entertaining and the characterization was excellent. the sidekick to Bobby Young was really funny to watch and the gags stuck well, even if they were cheesy and just playing for laughs at times, but it met the mark and laughs are what they got.


I'm giving my own film 4 1/2 stars YEEE.
Because I know it's not the best thing we've made.

We weren't disqualified at all, there was a mix up, and we're trying to sort it out with Ant.



This funny little film featured a bully who had been fitted with an anti-aggression shock collar by one of his victims and embarked on a quest to remove it.

I thought this film had some great aspects, and some not so great ones. It was a little tedious in parts, the plot was lacking substance and some of the acting was a bit overdone.

However, the ukulele-toting minion character was very entertaining and his performance practically made this film. His expressions were fantastic, and his lines had a lot of personality which the bully character was sorely missing.

Great use of the wire prop as a shock collar, I was getting a bit sick of seeing lock-picking wires, and this was a fresh take.

A more fleshed out script with a few more plot hooks, some better camera angles and more personalities into the characters would really have made this film pretty spectacular.

It was original, clever and funny, and I enjoyed it tremendously, especially the closing narration "He still remains on the Most Wanted list of sexual predators". Zany, irrelevant and utterly hilarious.


It's a shame it was handed in late. This short was enjoyable, but mainly because of the characters.

The friend character was hilarious. He definitely got a few chuckles from the audience.

Enjoyed, 3 stars.