'What Really Happened to Bobbie Young' by ShreddedPictures

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What Really Happened to Bobbie Young
Quest Movie
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I feel bad giving a negative review to 4 14 year olds but we're all judged under the same parameters, right? This was a very sincere effort from a director and editor clearly very interested in filmmaking and will certainly improve immensely with subsequent efforts. This quest concerns two boys hunting in the woods, and a villain who looked suspiciously Arab.. Although the film overall was a bit of a mess it looks like the boys had fun, and the effect where the villain gets shot in the head was cool.


I thought this was a very strong effort from the youngest team on the night. It was a bit jumpy at the start but it got better from there. The ending was totally unexpected and I'd say one of the best freezeframes of the night. The head-shot effect was wicked and the boy playing the search-leader acted very naturally. For a first time entry it was pretty good (far better than my first effort in this comp anyway) and for such a young team there is plenty of time to learn more about the craft. I sincerely hope they continue making films and enter again next year, I am excited for the future.


I really enjoyed this film. The thing that stood out to me the most was the acting of the detective who comes in a few minutes into the film. He was very natural and expressive. The shot selection was good and the editing was pretty good too (quicker, punchier shots would have been good). The bullet-in-the-head effect was great! Well done.