'Midday (Or Sometime After 11)' by Slurpedo

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Midday (Or Sometime After 11)
Fad Movie
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A twilight homage with some really funny moments, but overall didn't really work. Great effort though from what appeared to be a young team.


A thoroughly enjoyable film that impressed with regular jokes and oddities. The acting, while not outstanding, did the trick and conveyed all that was necessary, and the production can be described in a similar way. The facial expressions from the love interest were excellent, taking the mickey with just the right tone.


*Viewed in the Screening Room

A young women has a fascination for everything vampire and when a new guy (with a vampirish look ) arrives in class from Hamilton her fantasies have a great chance of becoming real.

This was a curious mix of things done well and other things somewhat sloppy. The Fad genre was well handled, a nice freeze frame ending and in general the acting was believable. On the other hand some of the eyelines didn't matchup, the 180 degree rule was broken on a couple of occasions and there were some reflections of crew in the display cabinet. The dialogue, at times, went on a bit too much as well which laboured the story. However, once again a great approach to this genre and you were a finalist so well done!