'48 Hours' by Shonky Productions

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48 Hours
Mystery Movie
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Very slick and very funny, exactly what you'd expect from these guys. Bill or Ben (not sure which one) gets his arm stuck under a somewhat rotund woman after spending the night with her. So 127 hours meets shallow hal as he tries to escape in this very self-referential short laden with NZ celeb cameos. Again, very funny.


Really really enjoyed this one, it had me in fits! The twist was hilarious and the references to Shallow Hal and 127 Hours were perfect! Best gross-out moment of the night - the used-condom tourniquet. Also loved the bent The Wire gag. Very good use of flashback in a conventional Mystery-movie manner, made hilarious with a riff on the binge drinking ads. Technically very smooth and appeared flawless. This got my vote for audience favourite, and would not be surprised to see it go further in the comp.


A good, self-aware comedy that used the team's industry connections to good effect. It was well-shot and well-acted, and the storyline was in the classic V48HOURS style. The jokes were certainly more crude than clever, but the flick had the audience in fits throughout. A solid effort and thoroughly enjoyable.