'The Audition' by Blue Suit Productions

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The Audition
Musical or Dance
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Great film reminescent of charlie chaplin and buster keaton. Really loved the simplicity of it all and such good actors! Thought the opening scene could have been better though


Great work. Definately reminded me of Charlie Chaplin, I loved the simplicity and the music.


Thanks for the feedback. Im just so happy to say we have competed in V48hrs and survived. :)
Not to blow our own trumpet... but we were a team of strangers, V48 Virgins and ended up 100% creating our own music. For a small town team from Whangarei, pretty stoked with what we have submitted.


Glad to see a silent film in the competition. Loved the bit where the piano player stood up and the piano was still playing, nice gag. I know it was an audition but I would have liked to have seen some difference in the 3 scenes as it felt a bit repetitive. Maybe one of the auditioners could have reacted differently and got angry back, or a parent could have been standing at the back and gotten angry at the treatment of their child. Might have provided some good slapstick, slipping and sliding in the flood of tears. Nice production values with crisp cinematography and overall an enjoyable film. Nicely done and congratulations on audience top 3.


i really like the judge of the audition. he has a certain face and body movement for silent movies. i absolutely love the close-up shot of the judge crying! i also must give you guys credit for doing musical... *clap*


I thought the judge was awesome. His facial expressions were classic! He is the actor in the DB brewery ad :)


Loved the simplicity of the story and the original music. The facial expressions of the judge were classic!


A classy little short! Nailed the tone perfectly. Congrats.


This was another of my favourite films this year.

A director is auditioning people for a dancing role in his latest production but dislikes all of the acts he sees.

This silent black and white film was very stylishly put together with possibly the best score for a film that I've come across in 48hours before. The emotion and feeling conveyed by the pianist worked perfectly with this old school silent film. The actors were great and everything fitted so perfectly with what they were going for aesthetically and musically.

While not everyones cup of tea it really impressed me and I hope to see this film in the finals.


I really like the simple story line. Each shot were very interesting and well captured the emotional moment. I still cannot forget the directer's tear...